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16.    The  yogi wondered   what   hfe   could   do   with   the
17.    His Sisya Nagappa Xayaka, the  Mahamantri of the
emperor, had a son Visvanatha Nayaka by name.
18.    To this young smja who was very devoted to him,
the yogi gave the Pandya kingdom.
19.    Visvanatha in turn obtained initiation from him and
gave him five villages.
20—i. Mahadevadiksita,* the performer of vajapeya
sacrifice, learned in all the arts, is a scion of the family of that
Kalfiyai of ICar^a-Koiikam Kings: L.R. 8> pp. 324-6
Acyutadeva Maharaya conferred on Visvanatha Nayan-
ayya the kingship of the P&n&.ja,-ma$dalam yielding a revenue
of 2J- crores of varahas, in appreciation of the great skill which
he had displayed in transacting the business of the state and
celebrated his coronation at Vijayanagara.
Mac. Ms*. 14-4-97, pp. 97-99.
Acyutaraya conferred several titles upon Visvanatha
Nayaka, who bore the burden of the empire attached to the
Southern Throne. Visvanatha brought Vijaya Durga and
Mahalak§ml and installed them in Madhura from which he ruled
over the great Pandya-wzawdafa.
Adyar Library, 32—E-3L
*MahIdSva Blk^ita is mentioned in 64 of 1937-8 date<i AJX 1673 as the son of
£nk«iiha Kkalavlsi CaadraseTdiara Vajapeya Yaji, and the father of SadSava V^jap^ya
Yfcji. He is also referred to in 'the other records 6f his son in the JambukSsvaram
temple. 66, 6* of 1937-8 state that MahSdeya Diksita set up a jaycutambha containing the
&re« MBW*S of Siva in the presence of MatybhT&Ss'yaja; 5» of ,i§87-8 refcofds his
ae^tln 69 of 1937-8 alludes to the death of the wife of MahadSra MafcHadrli ia-tfee
y^r Kii*ynkti. It is therefore evident tMat MahS(J5va DifctJta ,flottr£died m tite ferst
b*lfof Owl V